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Rockville, MD (October 30, 2007) - SmartCube was introduced at last year’s IH/M&RS where it won the Kenneth F. Hine “Best of Show” and “Best Technology” awards. At this year’s HITEC show SmartCube also won a “FAVE” award – selected by attendees from around the world as one of their favorite technology or solutions being exhibited. These three awards mark a new level of prestige and recognition for minibars and have made SmartCube the leading minibar in the hospitality industry today.


SmartCube’s design strengths included upgradeability from Classic to Flexi or Automated all within the same footprint, certified GREEN, insertable or freestanding models, programmable external and internal lighting package, integrated and illuminated door handle, full and partial glass doors with sensors mounted on the door for maximum revenues, two internal liter bottles positions for water or wine, adjustable shelving, various cooling technologies and communication platforms including Wi-Fi, Ethernet, coax and twisted pair.  


SmartTray’s have been expanded to meet the industry needs – single, four, eight and twelve sensor trays have been designed.  Additional SmartTray’s can be added providing unlimited product capacity.  Independent sensor trays are available for custom basket, tray, drawer or pullout shelf applications.  These options will allow the SmartCube to grow and change as the needs of the hotel change.  


SmartCube’s infrared sensing technology has been proven with over 3 million sensors worldwide and a lifespan of 10+ years.  Engineered to be maintenance free – no moving parts to contend with and all trays can be re-positioned without tools. 


The SmartCube software is Windows™ Network ready and can be interfaced with most major PMS systems.  Software features include single click buttons, critical system alarms, individual sensor fault reporting, remote locking and unlocking, expiration date tracking, out-of-stock reporting, comprehensive maintenance reports, perpetual inventory and programmable features such as deep cleaning, happy hour, preferred guest pricing and guest entitlement tracking.  All reports can be viewed, printed, emailed and PDF’d for analysis.  


PDA’s allow real-time communication with the hotel refill staff via Bluetooth wireless technology.  The handheld provides the attendant with the power to excel in their position – controls locking and unlocking, allows for ad-hoc posting (extra product), automatic guest credit feature, visual refill and communication confirmation, maintenance diagnostics, touch screen design and the first paperless minibar operation in the world.  The handheld is so smart it receives updates throughout the day automatically from the S3 server.


Minibar Systems is a Rockville, Maryland based company with 36 years of experience in providing in-room amenities to the hospitality industry. Its product lines include minibars, in-room safes and a full range of support services including design, manufacturing and installation, merchandising services, operations research, statistical analysis and on-going training. In the past few years, Minibar has focused on expanding its in-room retail program to hotels.

Download SmartCube 30 October 2007