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Control Systems


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Control Systems: Making Life Easier

For efficient minibar operation and control we offer a range of innovative systems to turn your traditional minibar into a semi-automated solution. For details of range of products offered please visit the respecitve country sites. Thank you.

Fast Check

The Fast Check system is simple to operate: a paper seal is fastened to the front of the minibar when it is restocked. In order to open the minibar, the guest must break the seal, alerting the attendant that the minibar must be checked.


Indicator Lock

The Indicator Lock eliminates time-consuming control of the minibar usage. The dual function lock is reset with a special key when the minibar is restocked. When a guest opens the minibar the indicator lock switches colours, alerting the attendant that the minibar has been opened.


Minibar Control Systemâ„¢(MCS)

Minibar Control Systemâ„¢ (MCS) revolutionises minibar accounting and management and increases efficiency of the minibar stocking process. Sales are reported through in-room phones directly to the MCS central computer where reports are generated for the management and the PMS system.