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SmartBox Digital Code Safe

Keeping your guest's valuables safe has never been easier!

Minibar Systems brings you SmartBox—the stylish and easy to use digital code safe at great value! SmartBox comes in two models: Laptop and Top Open to accommodate your guests' needs. SmartBox features include audit software and emergency override functions. Its simple operation makes it the most user-friendly digital code safe on the market.

Standard Features

  • Motorized double bolt
  • Large LED display and keyboard
  • Battery auto-check and low battery warning
  • Battery backup
  • Master code override
  • Five additional codes for supervisors
  • Laptop safes with mechanical lock and emergency key (also available without mechanical lock)


  • Audit handheld including software allows override procedure, download and reporting of the last 400 operations and 50 failed attempts.
SmartBox Laptop

Top Open
SmartBox Top Open

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