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Primo Minibars

PRIMO bars have been quality engineered to comply with the latest global refrigeration standards for in-room minibars.

The use of environmentally superior cyclopentane in the insulation manufacturing process, combined with low energy consumption, generous internal cabinet space and totally silent operation make Primo bars a four-way winner: savings, quality, flexibility, great value.

Primo bars are available as free standing units or can be inserted into existing furniture. 

Main Features

  • Stocking capacity of up to 36 facings
  • Adjustable/removable racking system
  • Advanced silent absorption cooling technology
  • Low energy consumption
  • Fully automatic defrost system
  • Strong door hinges convertible left to right
  • Magnetic door seals
  • Door lock
  • Interior light  

    • Glass door 
    • * New for 2016 - Primo 42d


      Primo Solid & Glass Door


      Primo+ Solid & Glass Door


      Primo+ Aluminum & Glass Door
      Primo  AGD

      Product and ventilation info

       Case Good Specifications
       Ventilation Specifications
       Manual Drawer Bar Wood Panel Installation
       Primo EEI Energy Labels
       Primo+ EEI Energy Labels